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About Us

Strong and Beautiful,Just Like Kapa!


Since 2019 we’ve had mamas’ backs (and bumps!) When itcomes to what to wear – from belly to baby & beyond, wehave the solutions. 

From interacting and listening to moms, we realized the need for maternity clothes that are not only stylish and comfortable, but designed to work from the first month up to and beyond the ninth month of your pregnancy.
We aim to make the transition to motherhood a little easier with chic and effortless styles that can be worn during, nursing and after baby.

Just For Moms

We saw a need for affordable and trendy maternity clothes, and worked hard to provide that. Starting out, our mission was to develop a brand that fully encompassed momlife and provided more than just clothing to our customers. We pride ourselves in the community we have created through the years as well as the selection of quality crafted clothing that caters to every need you will have through your pregnancy and after! We stand by our product and ensure that you will have a wonderful shopping experience with us from our incredible customer support team to our easy to shop website.

How Is Kapafamily Collection Produced

Once we settle on a final design, our clothes are sewn nearby at a small, family owned workshop in the neighborhood(some of our products are manufactured by Chinese factories because of the huge order quantity). we’re very lucky to partner with so many dedicated, talented people. they care as much about every piece they make as we do. we are committed to a fair wage and to safe and healthy working conditions for all people involved in our process, as are all of our contractors.

We Care About Being A Sustainable And Ethical Brand

We consider every part of the manufacturing journey; we’re passionate about traceability, how we source and manufacture is fundamental.  We use natural fabrics like linen, cashmere, and ecologically, environmentally-friendly modal produced from the pulp of beech trees.We want you to feel good about the clothes you’re buying and feel great wearing them. So we design with the softest fabrics to cocoon and ease you calmly into your day. And our ‘care’ extends beyond product, it underpins our customer service, our team and the women who make our clothes.

Created For & Inspired By Strong Women

Becoming a mom is life changing - scary, exciting, exhausting and magical all at the same time.  It is the best and hardest part of life. We aim to make the journey of pregnancy to motherhood simpler and more stylish. In accordance with our mission to help mothers, kapafamily partners with organizations that advocate for women and children.

Now You Can Really Know What To Expect (in The Mail!) When You’re Expecting.

No one has a tougher time shopping than mamas-to-be, especially now that we're doing more of it online. As your body is constantly changing, figuring out if something will be comfortable enough, if it’s the right fit, or if you’ll be able to wear it post pregnancy is only a sample of the many questions that expecting women face when making a purchase—and it can be quite overwhelming. With its brand new maternity launch, kapafamily aims to make the experience more pleasant and satisfactory—and dare we say, even a little bit fun.

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